How I got here and now...

     I am sitting in a light-filled room overlooking a park in Brooklyn, where I call my home and studio for 20 years. I consider myself at this point as a New Yorker although I was originally born in Tokyo in the 60s.  I'd first set foot in the United States as a 10-year old on a tour traveling California with a bunch of teenagers, supervised by some adults. We'd visited the Disneyland, Grand Canyon, and (of all places) a bar that had hundreds of chopped dusty neckties taken from patrons hanging from the ceiling  --America had made a huge impression on me, to say the least. 5 years after that trip, I moved to Boston to attend high school and eventually college - the beginning of my life in the USA. 

     My preoccupation is a relationship we have as a specie with other organisms on this planet. How we evolved and began to cultivate our human culture, which turned out to be a two-edged sword, capable of great many things (including art and science)  but also of disrupting and destroying  our planet and its habitantes. Though oscillating (style wise) between figuration and abstraction, 2-D and 3-D, my medium of choice has been "paper" all along. This everyday material that is fragile and easily manipulated, can last thousands of years under a right condition (Egyptian papyrus among them).  



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1996- 1999

1987 - 1989

Pratt Institute - MFA

Tufts University/School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - BFA

Grants and Fellowships





New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Crafts/Sculpture category

Urban Artist Initiative, New York Fellow

New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books category

Smack Mellon Studio Program Fellow, April, 2006-February, 2007


-Solo and Two-Persons






Mutaphilliac, George Adams Gallery, New York. Jan. 16 to March 1

New Cut Paper Studies, George Adams Gallery, New York. Nov. 4 to Dec. 30

Flora/Fauna, The Union Art Gallery, Univ. of Wisconsin, MI. Jan.29 to Feb. 26.

TOTEM, George Adams Gallery, NY. Sept. 4 to Oct. 18.

Recent Paper Cutouts, George Adams Gallery, NY. May 16 to June 23.            Flowers & Insects, Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn. April 7 to May 6. 

-Group (abbreviated)




Transformations and Alterations, NYFA/McKinsey & Co. Feb. 8 to June 17.In the Deep Heart's Core, NYU Langone Art Gallery. Jan. 24 to April. 26.

Viewing at the Parlor Room, Foley Gallery, New York. April 4 to May 13.

Thirty Years of Frumkin/Adams, George Adams Gallery, NY. Nov. 18 to Dec. 22.

Cut Up/Cut Out, Bellevue Arts Museum, WA. June 30 to October 22. 

Notable group show participation between the year 2008 and 2016 

(2015) Object to be Contemplated, Selby Gallery at the Ringling College of Art & Design, FL.

(2014) Select Cuts and Alterations, Foley Gallery, New York. Nov. 19, 2014 to Jan. 11, 2015

(2014) Art on Paper Biannual Exhibition,  The Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC. Sept. 24 to Dec. 11.

(2014) Obsessive Reductive, San Francisco Museum of Craft and Art, CA. Feb. 1 to March 30.

(2012) Fairytales, Fantasy, and Fear, Gorelick Galleries, The Mint Museum, NC. March 3 to July 7. 

(2011) Animal Instinct, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, WI. Oct. 17 to June 8 

(2011) Redefining Drawing, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. July 15 to Aug. 22.

(2010) Slash: Paper Under the Knife, Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Oct. 7, 2009 to April. 4.

(2009) Drawn in the Clouds, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland. Oct. 30, 08 to Feb.

(2009) X: 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Mixed Greens, New York. July 19 to August 14.

(2008) Drawn to Detail, DeCordova Museum, Boston, MA. Aug. 30 to Jan. 4. 

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