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"One-Eyed" series: Each artwork possesses a distinctive abstract shape, which suggests a specific fauna/flora either real or imaginary such as a flower, a rabbit or Yetti. The surface of each work is dense and accumulative, created by pieces made by cut paper, felt and other materials, with acrylic paint. A realistic rendition of an eye of an organism (human, animal, etc.) is added to each work to give a presence of a hybrid being, 'hybrid' in a sense that is a combination of different spicies and also a hybrid of styles - abstraction and figuration. 

"Grids" series: these paper cut pieces are either painted or not painted, subject matters vary. I find it interesting that placing two kinds of things together in a close proximity, one's mind starts having associations and creating connections. 

"Imaginary and Alive; Real and Extinct (IARE) series : it is an irony that we continuously

cultivate, commodify and consume images of some 'imaginary/fantastic' animals such as 'dragon' or 'unicorn' , at the same time seem to be totally ignorant of animals that once inhabited on our planet but are long gone, due often to our ways of living. These two kinds of animals that normally don't meet in reality mingle and play together on the same picture plains in this series.  

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